Drum Rocker premium drum set for Rock Band

Emily Price - Aug 26, 2008
Drum Rocker premium drum set for Rock Band

If you’re a serious Rock Band player then the Drum Rocker may be an excellent investment for you. The $300 drum set has high-durability pads that are supposed to play a little quieter and register a little better than the traditional drum set.

The Drum Rocker also has a metal-reinforced kick pad to keep you from destroying your drum set while you’re rocking out and overall looks quite a bit studier than the original (as well it should for that $300 price tag). The cymbals on the Drum Rocker work as doubles for colored game pads (you get to choose which one) which can make for better game play.

The Drum Rocker will be available around the time Rock Band 2 is released and is expected to be compatible with both the original Rock Band and Rock Band 2.

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