Drowse Prevention Alarm-A different kind of alarm

Ever find yourself literally falling asleep on your feet? I know that a lot of us have our reasons for being just plain exhausted for one reason or another. Be it a newborn, a second job or just a long drive home. I do strongly suggest that if you are sensing you might fall asleep at the wheel, pull over in a gas station and take a quick nap. Your loved ones will thank you later.

However, for those extreme cases where you have to get home, there is an alarm to prevent you from sleeping while at the wheel. The Drowse Prevention alarm by Revex attaches to your ear like any normal earpiece you would use on your phone. If your head drops more than 10 degrees it will beep at you. Hopefully enough to scare you awake.

You can raise and lower the volume so that you can either casually wake up or have a mild heart attack, whatever floats your boat. It does only cost $10.30; just remember to take it off when you get home otherwise when you try to dose you will wake up very confused and angry.

Drowse Prevention Alarm [via plasticbamboo]