Dropbox: We'll take back stolen cloud

Dropbox had previously announced that it intended to give users of HTC smartphones running Sense 4.0 23 GB cloud-based storage at no charge for two years. It didn't take long before some people found a way to exploit that offer of free storage space without having a smartphone running Sense 4.0. That workaround was posted to the XDA-developers forum last month.

Dropbox wants to make sure that anyone using that work around knows that it will find out and delete your storage space. The workaround involves downloading and installing a new APK app that would allow just about any phone to get the free extended storage capacity. Dropbox also noted that the promotion hasn't officially started.

The promotion for free storage space will start with devices from HTC, including the One X, One S, and One V start shipping in the US. Dropbox issued a statement that read in part, "The method to earn 23GB that is being circulated... on blogs and forums is illegitimate. We plan to remove any space received using this method."