Dropbox Transparency Report for latter 2014 adds more details

Dropbox is one of many companies that provides regular transparency reports, something it started doing a few years ago with a steadily increasing number of details. The cloud storage company has released its report for the second half of 2014 (July to December), and with it likewise comes an increase in details, the most notable of which is the inclusion of data on government data requests that come from outside of the US, making it more relevant for non-US users.

In addition to adding details about non-US government data requests, the Dropbox transparency report also includes more specific numbers about each request it receives: namely, how many accounts a single request encompassed. While a data request might be for only one account, it can also be for many accounts, and this new reporting detail sheds light on that.

Overall, the second half of 2014 resulted in 275 requests for user data, 20 of which came from outside of the US. There were 137 search warrants, a pair of court orders, and 116 subpoenas. When (legally) possible, Dropbox lets its users know if their data has been requested.

Those interested in the finer details can check out the full transparency report, which includes breakdowns for each type of request and how it was handled. The company promises to continue vetting requests and to only hand over information when it is required to.

SOURCE: Dropbox