Dropbox Passwords promises to securely store your secret keys soon

When it comes to cloud storage services, Dropbox is still the household name over the likes of Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or even Apple iCloud. People have trusted it with anything from personal files and photos to super-secret work documents. Now it seems that Dropbox will soon ask people to trust it with their passwords as well, making Dropbox the one cloud-based storage to rule them all, almost literally, too.

Dropbox Passwords doesn't call itself a password manager but that is pretty much what it does. Dropbox formally calls it a password keeper but it does more than just that. It has all the basics of storing your existing passwords, generating new ones on request, and even filling up fields on your Android phone.

Dropbox doesn't go much into detail about how the app works but that's not surprising since it's still currently in private beta. It does say it uses zero-knowledge encryption to enforce security but that's pretty much it. Its functionality also implies it's tapping into the same Android features that allow automatically filling up forms, along with the potential vulnerabilities it might have.

While Dropbox Passwords itself doesn't seem particularly exceptional, its selling feature could be both a boon and a bane. The idea is that you'd have all the convenience and benefits of syncing across devices you already have using Dropbox and your Dropbox account. It also means you're pretty much putting all your eggs in a single Dropbox basket.

It's too early to tell whether the proposition will fly or sink. Dropbox Passwords is currently available to a limited number of Dropbox customers, though it doesn't say whether those are free or paid ones. The app, however, is available for download already but that's pretty much all that you can do with it.