Dropbox Paper adds Sketch previews, mobile folders, archiving and more

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 30, 2017
Dropbox Paper adds Sketch previews, mobile folders, archiving and more

Dropbox‘s online collaborative environment, Paper, has received some updates that improve the usage experience. Chief among the changes is new integrations with Figma and InVision, and that itself is joined by the new ability to preview Sketch files within Paper, no longer requiring users to toggle out of the service. The new features are rolling out to Dropbox Paper users today.

Dropbox announced the new support today, saying the changes are in part due to user feedback. Notably, users do a lot of creating on Paper via mobile, and so folder capabilities have arrived on the mobile platform. Thanks to this new ability, Paper users are now able to make folders using their phone or tablet and then move docs into those folders, no desktop necessary.

As well, and due to user request, Dropbox has added Paper docs archiving and deletion. If desired, a Paper user can delete a document entirely or just archive it, leaving it accessible but no longer in the pool of active files. This improves organizational abilities for teams, making the platform more attractive for multi-person projects that require high levels of organization.

If you’re on desktop, Dropbox says you can also now hover the cursor over a Paper document file to see a preview. The previews also show up when searching for docs. Finally, Paper itself has received a home page redesign, and as a result Dropbox files and Paper docs are now blended together. Users can see mentions, comments and more from their Dropbox homepage.

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