Dropbox note-taking service discovered in testing

It looks like Dropbox is working on a note-taking service that could, perhaps, target Evernote users or those holdouts who want something easier to use than Evernote. It doesn't have an official name, but is referred to as Composer in its URL, and it features a couple references to "Notes". There's nothing official about it yet, but the page where it resides — featuring a couple different ways to log on — is still live, and rather than the error some users were previously getting, it now has a way to email an invite request.

Composer was discovered earlier today by a Product Hunt user, but most users were not able to access it, having to grant it access to one's Dropbox files and folders, after which they were presented with a message that said: "Sorry, you're not allowed to use Notes right now." As well as an email address to message if "you think this is an error".

It seems that in the few short hours since it surfaced, Dropbox has made some tweaks, now presenting users with a page reading "Check back for more later" and two options to log in — one with Google and one with Dropbox. Attempting to log in results in the screenshot you see above; the email is an invites-specific address users can message to try and get an invitation.

The service isn't entirely sealed off, however, or at least wasn't earlier. Product Hunt user Maggie Bignell reported being able to log into Composer, and she reports that it is a note taking platform with a clean interface. It also displays notes from her HackPad account. You can see a screenshot of the Composer interface below:

SOURCE: TechCrunch