Dropbox has acquired Clementine

Clementine, a messaging and voice service, has been acquired by Dropbox, the company announced. Says Clementine, the Dropbox acquisition means its "stage will grow dramatically", and that Dropbox will be building upon its technology. Unfortunately for users, however, it also means Clementine will be shutting down, leaving only the free aspects of its mobile app live up until the end of next month. The terms of the acquisition were not detailed.

Dropbox hasn't yet commented on the acquisition, but Clementine took to its blog today to announce the news, saying that it is "excited" about the acquisition and the future that it holds. Clementine was first launched in September 2014, and is the latest among Dropbox's various buys.

As of August 31, Clementine will be shutting down the remaining parts of its mobile app. The company also promises that it will help both its premium and its regular subscribers transition as applicable, making the announcement and changes as smooth as possible for those who have used Clementine.

Clementine is a service for businesses and business workers that condenses communication of both the text and voice sort into a mobile app. There's group messaging and a Business Number for avoiding giving out a personal number, as well as conference calls features, contacts, and more.

SOURCE: Clementine