Dropbox Facebook integration goes live

It is now possible for users who have both a Facebook account and a Dropbox account to send files and folders to one another in a seamlessly integrated social capacity. In other words, users can choose to share their Dropbox files with friends and colleagues through a newly implemented Facebook integration platform. This comes after the cloud-based company hired former Facebook executives.

The sharing happens within Dropbox, via a new tool that allows users to authenticate their Facebook account and then use in-line auto-complete to select the name of the person or people that users want to share their files with. This is the latest push from Dropbox to stay relevant and on the bleeding edge of a market that it helped create. It was on the launching pad but the question is whether or not it can stay at the top of the game.

In a world where iCloud is becoming increasingly relevant, Amazon offers a convenient cloud storage solution, and Google is planning on launching a huge cloud drive initiative, Dropbox is at a point where it needs to bring new stuff to the table. The online service updated its Automator platform last month, increasing connectivity with Google+. This latest announcement shows a trend, revealing that Dropbox feels social integration is the way to stay relevant in the increasingly muddled cloud.

[via VentureBeat]