Dropbox Dropquest scavenger hunt goes live

If you want an extra gigabyte of storage on your Dropbox account, the online cloud service invites you to compete in its second annual "Dropquest" online scavenger hunt. While there is a prize involved, it's really more about having fun if you have nothing better to do this weekend. Company engineer Rajeev Nayak described it as "a gift to our users." The company did not say how long it will take to complete the challenge, though last year's event was finished in as quickly as three hours.

Dropbox has assured, however, that this year's Dropquest is much more challenging. It's a series of logic puzzles that will make you browse around the Web while also learning about the various features and services that Dropbox offers. Anyone who makes it to the end will get an extra gigabyte, but the first person to complete it wins a grand prize package culminating in a 100 GB account, free for life.

Of course, this year, the Dropquest event is potentially even more relevant for the company, if it is able to drum up some level of excitement and enthusiasm. In 2012, the cloud space is much more competitive, but on the flip side it's much more exciting. A lot of people are finally starting to understand the power of the cloud, but as it makes its way into the mainstream market, will consumers stick with the names they know (Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive) or will companies like Dropbox be able to get their message across to those users? Only time will tell.

[via TechCrunch]