Drone Ace offers much more control of AR.Drone than official app

Our geeky little hearts were all aflutter when the AR.Drone first launched with its iPhone control app and easy to fly nature. It is also very cool that the AR.Drone turned out to be such a hackable little flying machine for geeks to play with. A new app has surfaced called Drone Ace that adds in some features that will have fans of the AR.Drone running to get their wallets. The new app is called Drone Ace and you can grab it on the App Store right now.

The app sells for $5.99 and you get a lot of cool new features along with it other than just controlling the flying machine. The app allows you to record video, capture images, and track objects from within the app. The app also controls autonomous flight and allows you to execute pre-programmed Drone animations and control the lights on the toy as well. The app will work on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Other features include the ability to save the settings for your Drone inside the app so if you reset you don't have to enter settings again. The app allows iPad 2 users to mirror the screen to their TV. The app allows for control options you don't get by default with reversed for left hand users, elevation control inversion and the ability to stalk a target with yaw and elevation or yaw, elevation, and pitch. The video is recorded in H.264 encoded QuickTime and can overlay flight data including altitude.

[via iTunes]