Droid goes out of stock, likely for good

Shane McGlaun - Aug 9, 2010
Droid goes out of stock, likely for good

One of the first mobile phones to come from Motorola that people actually liked since the old flip phone Razer device was the original Droid. The Droid was on the market for about nine months, long enough for its replacement the Droid 2 to gestate.

The original Droid is now officially out of stock signaling that the new Droid 2 that has been surfacing on leaks for a while now is coming soon. The original Droid was a nice smartphone for sure and helped lots of people get their first taste of Android.

The Droid packed the Android OS, a touchscreen, a slider and a virtual keyboard, WiFi, Skype Mobile, and lots more. The Droid 2 has some big shoes to fill for sure.

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