DriveClub gameplay trailer staggers with 1080p and 30fps

Chris Burns - May 16, 2014
DriveClub gameplay trailer staggers with 1080p and 30fps

Driving game developers aiming to push their title in the near future at 30fps might need to reconsider their methods in light of the latest DriveClub deliverable. This week’s first full gameplay trailer is being delivered in 1080p and 30fps with a result that’s more than a little impressive. Here a Pagani Huayra takes to the streets of rural Canada to scare the pants off all 60fps nay-sayers.

This game will be delivered to the PlayStation 4 exclusively, and that’s the console this footage is captured on, too. Inside this racer you’ll be pushing forth in a variety of driver views, three of which are shown in the video shown today.

DriveClub is expected to appear again during Sony’s E3 showing on the 9th of June. After that, we’ll likely see a barrage of additional previews before the game is released in its final form later this year. Published by SCEA and developed by Evolution Studios, this game is set to be the first major racing game delivered to the PS4.

This game is expected to be released to the PlayStation 4 exclusively in October. October 10th will be the launch date for a large portion of Europe, while the game will launch here in the United States on the 7th of October.

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