Drive AND be a couch potato at the same time

Staff Editor - Dec 29, 2006
Drive AND be a couch potato at the same time

Ever feel like you don’t wanna get up off your couch, but you need to drive somewhere? Well now a solution is available! Armchair has launched 3 new types of armchair cruisers. These are basically couches that are modified in a way that they are able to cruise over grass and roads. The speeds aren’t high, but these cruisers will for sure get a laugh at.

If you let them know 6 weeks in advance, they will create you a brand-spanking new couch, ready for driving on the road. There are two electric versions. A white single-seater with cow spots, and an even more comfy looking two seater, with organge and black colours. The gasoline version is beautified with Harvey-Davidson ornaments, and is upholstered in light orange.

Armchair Cruisers has an extensive website, containing pictures and videos, along with order forms and a forum. Prices range from $3995 for a single seater, to $7995 for a gas-powered loveseat. There are many options available, including high speed motors for $255, and a booming stereo for $552.

Armchair Cruisers Product Page [Via: Armchair Cruisers]

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