Drive A Tank "Tanks to You" delivers a working tank to your backyard

Ever had one of those days when you can't help but want to crush something under the weight of your treads? Or maybe you and your friends are itching to drive over cars or blast things. In a controlled and safe environment, of course. Because everyone has unique definitions of entertainment, we won't judge you if yours involved driving and shooting with military tanks. And thanks to Drive A Tank's new "Tanks To You" program, you can simply pick up your phone and having an honest-to-goodness working military vehicle delivered to your doorstep.

OK, you might be thinking who in their right mind would run a business around letting civilians drive tanks, especially at their homes. Then again, we've seen people do crazier things. Minnesota-based Drive A Tank has nine real military tanks in its stable, all functional despite having been used in actual combat. But more than just the adrenaline-inducing experience, the company also provides briefings, both in safety and the noble history of the tanks, for each and every use.

That said, Drive A Tank's business revolves around you coming to their driving range to experience those thrills in a controlled environment. But what if you wanted a more private drive? That's where the Tanks to You mobile service comes in. Want to run over derelict cars or have a literal but colorful blast to announce your upcoming baby's gender? Just give them a call and they'll have one of those tanks at your street pronto.

You might be surprised that the mobile trashing experience starts as low as $400. That said, the full experience can go as high as $3,495. Not including the property you may damage. So if you think you've experienced it all but one something more, you might want to give Drive A Tank a call.