Drill powered pencil sharpener!

For many people out there power tools are just another form of gadgetry. We buy tools we don't need because they are awesome and you never know when you might need to cut, drill, or route something. Plus they look really cool hanging on pegboard in the garage.

With both my kids in elementary school, we have to sharpen lots of pencils around my house. Apparently breaking a pencil at home in little kid land gets you out of homework. I can never find a pencil sharpener when I need it and resort to shaving off wood with a sharp knife more often than not.

What I need is this pack of pencils that Notcot found at Lowes. They are technically some sort of finish pencils, but the pencils aren't the cool thing about this pack. It comes with an awesome pencil sharpener that has a chuck connection to fit into your drill. You put the sharpener in like a drill bit, put the pencil in, and then pull the trigger. Super sharp pencils FTW! All together now – more power ...arh, arh, arh. This so beats that electric pencil sharpener my third grade teacher had.

[via Notcot]