Drift unveils new shoulder mount for action cams

Drift Innovations, the company behind a small line of unique action camcorders, has announced a new shoulder mount and harness system that lets extreme-sport athletes record point-of-view video without having to hold the camera or mount in on their helmets. The shoulder harness is easy to put on and even easier to take off.

The position of the shoulder mount allows the wearer to place a Drift camera either forwards or backwards, depending on the perspective you want to go after. The harness is made so that users can record smoother, more aesthetically appealing filming angles — Drift says that the harness allows the camera to naturally follow the movement of the body to help eliminate undesired shaky footage.

The harness contains a "non slip" silicone banding to prevent it from sliding out of place while in use, and high-strength polymers were used to make the harness durable and long-lasting, and the buckles and locks are easy to adjust, allowing for quick and painless adjustments in the heat of the moment.

The harness is on sale now for only $39, which is certainly a decent price for a quality shoulder harness like this one, and it works on all of Drift's cameras, including the Drift HD, the Drift HD 720, and the company's newest camera, the Drift HD Ghost.