dreamGEAR TriMount holds all your game console sensors

There are many gamers out there that are not one console sorts. These folks have all three major consoles and the big accessories that go with them and use them all frequently. With frequent use having to dig out the sensor bar for the Wii and move the Kinect off the TV to play it can get old quickly. A company called dreamGEAR has a new holder that is made just for the people with all three major game consoles called the TriMount.

The TriMount is made to attach to the top of your TV and is made to hold your Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Eye camera, and the Wii sensor bar in one place. The holder puts the Kinect on top, with the PS Eye in the middle, and the Wii sensor on the bottom. The design of the TriMount allows it to be securely attached to the TV so no matter how much jumping happens in the room the sensors will not fall off the TV.

The design of the TriMount is made for attaching to flat panel TVs. It also ships with a wall mount for those that have their set wall mounted or use a projector and screen. You can pre-order the TriMount right now for $29.99 and it will ship on August 15.

[via dreamGEAR]