Dream Machine is like Build-a-Bear for adults

Any parent who lives near a mall with a Build-a-Bear Workshop will recognize the Dream Machine as looking almost just like the rig that stuffs bears, dogs, and all manner of animals for kids. Those overprices stuffed animals are crammed with fluff that spins around in a big red machine very similar to the Dream Machine.

The big difference is that rather than stuffing a dog for a kid, the Dream Machine stuffs fluffy pillows. The idea behind the machine is to let the user customize their own pillow. The system starts with the buyer telling the machine how they like to sleep.

The buyer then selects their firmness and a custom embroidery message. The machine then fills their pillow, sews it, and spits it out right there for the buyer to take home. A bag of smelly stuff can also be sewn inside. The pillows would reportedly sell for between $129 and $149.