Dream & Fly tiny hotel room is cool

A couple weekends ago, I was at a wedding that was held at a bed and breakfast out in the country. The nuptials were beautiful, but the guest rooms at the place left a lot to be desired and were much too rustic and small for most of the ladies (and the guys) at the wedding to endure. Dream & Fly has unveiled a new tiny hotel room concept aimed at use in airports that made the tiny rooms at the wedding look huge.

The Dream & Fly rooms are small, self-contained cubicles that have a tiny sink, shower, and bed for people stuck in an airport or other crowded place to sleep. Small the little room may be, but it would be infinitely better than having to try to sleep on those hard airport chairs during a long flight delay or layover.

The little room even has a flat screen TV on the wall near the foot of what appears to be a twin size bed. A table pulls out from the wall for your notebook too. I could see this being popular in places like Tokyo where space is at a premium. I see no toilet, so I hope you don't mind using the shower to take a wiz.