Dragonfly Robot in flight

While lacking the poison barb of Israel's Bionic Hornet, the latest robot to emerge from WowWee's stable is nonetheless impressive (and far less likely to spark international tensions).  The FlyTech Dragonfly is the first robot to remain airborne via flapping its wings, as opposed to tiny propellers or jets, managing a 150 foot range and recharging on a perch atop the remote control for up to 15 minutes of frenetic flight.  It'll be available early next year.The guys at T3, from where this video hailed (and who seem to have an office devoid of desks, chairs or anything else), have also unearthed news that WowWee have a giant robot spider in the pipeline.  Hopefully that's not the pipeline that leads to your bathplug... Dragonfly robot filmed [T3]