Dragon Quest VII sells over 800k copies in one weekend

Brian Sin - Feb 17, 2013, 2:26 pm CDT
Dragon Quest VII sells over 800k copies in one weekend

It looks like Square Enix knows what games to re-release in order to snag the biggest amount of sales. Square Enix launched a remake of one of its popular titles, Dragon Quest VII, last weekend, and it sold well over 800,000 copies within the first few days of its launch. The period was calculated between February 7th to February 10th, meaning it only took the game 4 days to reach that sales figure. It topped the gaming charts, with Famitsu reporting that the game sold approximately 836,654 copies.

By now, Dragon Quest VII should be at well over a million sales. It was also speculated that thanks to the launch of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden, Nintendo 3DS sales also increased to about 45,000 above average. On the Famitsu charts, Animal Crossing: New Leaf came behind Dragon Quest with 90,652 sales, making its total number of sales 2,857,599. It is followed by Fantasy Life and New Super Mario Bros. 2, with 12,244 and 9,099 sales respectively. All of these are Nintendo 3DS games, showcasing the huge popularity of the portable gaming system, at least in Japan.

Dragon Quest VII comes fully loaded with over 100 hours of gameplay, as well as a variety of mini-games if you want to take a break from the main story line. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth when buying the game. It retails for about 6090 yen in Japan, or $65.66. Dragon Quest VII might not make it over to the United States this year. It took Square Enix 13 months to port over Dragon Quest VI, and 7 months to port over Dragon Quest V. Considering how much more added gameplay is included in the remake of Dragon Quest VII, I would consider the time frame of Dragon Quest VI’s port to be more relevant here.

Also, alongside the Dragon Quest news, Square Enix has announced that beta testing for its revamped Final Fantasy XIV MMO is going to take place on February 25th. Considering what a train wreck the first released version of the game was, who knows whether or not Square Enix can revive it, but Square certainly is trying. Square Enix also announced the final game of the Final Fantasy XIII series, Lightning Returns:Final Fantasy XIII, last month to provide a conclusion to the saga.

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