Dragon Grip makes your kung fu strong

I grew up watching cheesy kung fu movies. I'm sure we've all seen this sort of kung fu movie at some point with a lot of squealing and screaming with each punch thrown. Bruce Lee certainly perfected the art of noisy kung fu. If you want to make your kung fu stronger, and noisier, the Dragon Grip is on Kickstarter seeking funding.

The Dragon Grip creates sound effects to along with your fighting moves just as you hear video games and movies. The device has a patent and sound effects choreographed in sequence with the user's own moves. The Dragon Grip is a toy based upon a character in a comic book that goes along with the grip called Legend City.

If you want to pledge support for the toy, $10 or more gets you a printed first edition of the comic book Legend City. A pledge of $25 more will get you the Dragon Grip. You'll need to shell out $32 more to get both the Dragon Grip and the comic book. The company behind the project is expecting to be able to deliver it by December of this year. The project has 44 days ago and is seeking $40,000, so far it has raised $1229.