Dragon Eternity cross-platform MMO hits the iPad

Shane McGlaun - Mar 29, 2013
Dragon Eternity cross-platform MMO hits the iPad

There are hordes of gamers all around the world who enjoy a good MMO video game. Typically MMOs can only be played with gamers on the same platform. That means if you buy the game for your PC, you can only play against other PC gamers, while if you buy it for a console, you can only play against other console gamers.

There are some cross-platform MMO games when it comes to the mobile world to allow different devices to play the game together. A company called Game Insight has announced a new cross-platform MMO called Dragon Eternity. The game has come first to the iPad and is available for PC gamers using a web browser version of the game. That web browser version of the game is currently in open beta and has over million users globally.

The game developers promise to deliver an Android version of the game in the near future. The developers of the game promise unprecedented depth and a huge variety of content to form a deep MMO experience allowing players to choose sides in the game world. Players can play as Vaalor or Sadar factions and as one of three different character types.

The character types include Paladin, Berserk, and the Witcher. The game play has players completing quests and collecting various weapons and sets of armor. The goal is to eventually earn the trust of the Dragon that will follow the player and fight with them. The game also supports nine different harvesting and crafting professions and has an in-game auction system. Players can also take advantage of five different varieties of combat including head-to-head and player versus player combat styles. One of the interesting things about the game is that a player can start a new adventure on the iPad and then pick that adventure up from where they left off on a web browser.

[via Dragon Eternity]

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