Dr. Frog prevents you from neglecting your house plants

Don't exactly have a green thumb, but you like trying anyway? Well Dr. Frog might be just the thing to help you along.

I have always had the best intentions with flowers, but very few have actually survived for longer than a month. I just am a complete flake when it comes to watering. Well, the Dr. Frog merely reminds you when the soil has gone dry. Preventing you from under and over watering (yes, you can over water). It just starts to croak when it falls below the pre-set level of moisture. Once darkness falls, it does stop, so you don't have to throw it out your window at 4am.

It uses two G10 batteries and is priced at just below $14. Just keep in mind this is for your indoor plants only, otherwise you would probably have some very angry neighbors. They can only stand the croaking for a couple of days, beyond that, it may get ugly.

Dr. Frog reminds you to water [via ubergizmo]