Downgrade to iTunes 12.6.3 if you want app support back

JC Torres - Oct 10, 2017
Downgrade to iTunes 12.6.3 if you want app support back

iTunes 12.7 consolidated Apple’s narrative for what the iTunes desktop program is really supposed to be. Instead of a free for all syncing program between a Mac or PC and iOS device, it laser focuses on only the parts that have to do with entertainment and multimedia, like music, videos, and podcasts. As such, iTunes 12.7 threw out support for managing apps and many users were up in arms about it. Fortunately, Apple has silently made available a 12.6.3 version of iTunes with that feature, but there are a few caveats to be mindful of.

As far as Apple is officially concerned, the iTunes 12.6 line is dead. Only iTunes 12.7 and later will be supported moving forward. This silent release of 12.6.3 is supposedly just for enterprise users who still need app support but, fortunately, it’s available for download for all.

When you install version 12.6.3, your computer will no longer pester you to update it to 12.7. It will see it as the newest version until you uninstall it. Which also means you will no longer be notified of any critical updates. It’s like your iTunes will be frozen in time forever.

That said, you can actually have both 12.7 and 12.6.3 installed on the same computer, but you will have to do some management to get it to work. You cannot use the same iTunes Library for both version of iTunes and will need to create a copy of your library or revert to a backup. It might sound more work than necessary, but such is the cost of getting back lost features.

App support isn’t the only thing being reverted in 12.6.3. Indeed, it’s practically like traveling back in time, with everything where they were before. iTunes U and Audiobooks are now in their old, separate sections and Ringtones also make a return to the program.

VIA: Reddit

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