Dough-Nu-Matic - Screw Krispy Kreme, make them yourself

I've recently been on a Krispy Kreme kick. Though my latest venture to my local shop left me less than pleased. There were plenty of my favorite doughnuts there when I arrived, however, it was a good ten minuted before anyone actually arrived at the counter to help me, and by then the girl at the drive-thru had stolen them all. I was then informed that it was going to be at least a good twenty minutes or so before I would see any more. I'm still a bit sore over it, as that was just last night. Then I saw this wonderful device and I got quite excited.

The Dough-Nu-Matic is your own personal doughnut maker. According to the product description, this baby can churn out a single doughnut in 50 seconds and a dozen doughnuts in under six minutes. I'm no rocket scientist, but that doesn't quite add up. Perhaps it spits more than one out at a time.

Doughnuts don't come cheap though, you'll have to shell out $129.99 for the Dough-Nu-Matic, plus whatever the ingredients cost.

Present for a Cop [via randomgoodstuff]