Double amputee fitted with two robotic arms

Robotic prostheses have reached a whole new level. We've seen different sorts of them over the years, many of them typically revolving around the hand rather than an entire arm. Les Baugh is different. He lost both arms at the shoulders a handful of decades ago in an accident, and thanks to the hard working scientists at John Hopkins University, he has received a robotic replacement. Baugh has been fitted with two robotic arms he is slowly learning to control.

Baugh is said to be the first bilateral amputee at the shoulder level to be fitted with two arms that he can control at the same time. The prosthetic is the work of researchers at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and it is controlled more or less with Baugh's mind.

The robotic arms are attached to the nerves in Baugh's upper torso and shoulders, and though it takes a bit of time to work through the process of rotating and positioning the joints and arms, Baugh is able to move them both around and perform simple tasks like putting a ball in a bowl.

It seems it'll only be a matter of time before Baugh is able to use the arms for more complex tasks in every day life, helping set the foundation upon which others in his situation will be empowered by the technology. Check out the video above to see the arms in action.

VIA: Kotaku