dotMobi Advisory Group Open for Global Membership

Dublin, Ireland, September 12, 2006 – The dotMobi Advisory Group (MAG), the independent not-for-profit industry forum for dotMobi, today announced it has opened its doors and now invites all organisations with an interest in the future of creating Internet services for mobile users and devices to join the MAG. The MAG's mission is to ensure that the dotMobi Top Level Domain (.mobi) is operated in the best interests of the global dotMobi community and the Internet at large.

.mobi is the first – and only – top level domain dedicated to delivering Internet content to mobile devices. .mobi will revolutionise the use of the Internet on mobile devices and is designed to guide mobile users to made-for-mobile Internet content and services that can be accessed with confidence. The MAG objective is to create, design and develop a global forum to serve as a catalyst for exploring the dotMobi Switch On! Guides (technical style guides), best practices, domain policies and commercialisation initiatives. It will also act as a vehicle for mobile industry stakeholders to network and voice their opinions and ideas for the betterment of the mobile Internet experience.

"We want the MAG to represent the diverse views of the global mobile Internet community. We want an active membership, made up of thought leaders and people who have a stake in delivering to the needs of over 2.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide," said Michael J. O'Farrell, Chair of the dotMobi Advisory Group. "By working closely together with dotMobi, the MAG will make sure that all stakeholders involved have a tremendous amount of insight and influence on dotMobi policies, technology innovations and commercialisation efforts, to help drive a fair and profitable mobile Internet economy."

The MAG is the 'eyes and ears' of dotMobi (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd.), the company behind the first and only Internet address created for mobile phones, based in Ireland. dotMobi's investors include Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM and Vodafone. Through the MAG, dotMobi can reach out to the mobile Internet ecosystem, keep in touch with trends, and understand, assess and prioritise the needs of the entire mobile Internet community. In turn, the MAG gives its members the opportunity to shape the future of Internet services to mobile devices.

"We look to the MAG to help dotMobi address the needs of the mobile Internet consumer. We want MAG members to advise on, debate, demand and deliver the evolution that will make dotMobi a universal success," adds Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi. "As we prepare for the global launch of .mobi domains, our ongoing commitment to providing the best mobile Internet experience through .mobi sites will be significantly enhanced through our collaboration efforts with the MAG and its members of the mobile Internet stakeholder communities represented."

MAG membership is open to all commercial and trade association companies in the mobile and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) world. Four levels of membership are available, so that any organisation can have a direct involvement, regardless of their size or stature. You might be a mobile content provider, developer, mobile operator, mobile device manufacturer or registrar, or you might represent another interested party from the industry. If you have something valuable to add as a dotMobi stakeholder, then the MAG is an essential forum for you to influence the use of Internet services on mobile devices.

The MAG will hold its first on-line Roundtable on the issue of Pay-Per-Click sites on Friday 15 September 2006. Should the development of pay-per-click sites be restricted by dotMobi? Will restricting .mobi pay-per-click sites improve the end user experience of Internet services on mobile devices? These are just two of the key issues that will be discussed. Registration for the event is free via the MAG website at