DoorDash now delivers certain items from Walgreens stores

DoorDash, the company best known for its food delivery service, introduced the ability to order products from convenience stores back in April, something aimed at aiding the many people stuck in quarantine. The company is back with an update on this today, stating that it is now also offering deliveries from Walgreens stores. More than 2,000 products are available to order, according to the company.

DoorDash is similar to Postmates, Uber Eats, and other on-demand delivery services. Rather than ordering directly through a store or restaurant, users place an order through the shop's page on the DoorDash platform. The order is sent to a gig worker who picks up the items for the customer and delivers them.

Though quite a bit more expensive than going to the store and buying them in person, the service has its appeal, particularly for those who are sick, staying in quarantine, or who are simply unable to leave the house. The company launched deliveries from convenience stores on April 1.

In its latest announcement, DoorDash said that it has added Walgreens to its platform, enabling its users to order from around 2,000 products available at the retailer. These stores are plentiful in the US and, unlike traditional convenience stores, they carry a wider variety of items, including medication, makeup, and household products.

According to DoorDash, the new shopping option has arrived for customers located in Denver, Chicago, and Atlanta, but it plans to make it available in other places throughout the US soon. This summer will add additional markets, including Cleveland and Cincinnati, Seattle, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, and Minneapolis.