DoorDash helped fund a special type of physical restaurant in California

On-demand food delivery service DoorDash has teamed with a California company to launch a special type of physical restaurant location in the state, one that will only offer delivery and take-out foods. The restaurant was originally scheduled to open back in March, but the pandemic delayed these plans. The launch involves opening a smaller variant of an existing physical restaurant.

DoorDash is a gig-economy based food delivery company that comes with a side dish of controversy, with some restaurants praising its platform as a way to expand into food deliveries and others criticizing the company over its high commission fees. As you'd expect, demand for on-demand restaurant food delivery has skyrocketed amid the pandemic.

According to a new report from the San Francisco Chronicle, DoorDash invested an unspecified amount of money into the launch of a new physical restaurant in Oakland, California, called Burma Bites. The restaurant will open next week as a delivery and take-out food destination forked from the existing Burma Superstar destination.

This is DoorDash's first investment in a physical standalone restaurant, underscoring an expansion of the company's interests during a time when demand for its services is exceptionally high. As you'd expect, Burma Bites does not feature a dining space — instead, it will operate as a way for people in Oakland to order a selection of foods and either pick it up in person or have it delivered to their homes.

All of the items offered by Burma Bites — which has tweaked certain offerings to make them delivery-friendly — will be priced between $12 and $19. Locals can expect to get DoorDash delivery of these products if they live within a radius of up to five miles from the restaurant, otherwise, they'll need to go pick the food up in person.