DoorBot lets you see who is knocking via your mobile device

Who doesn't love a good crowdfunded item? Edison Junior is currently seeking funding for its DoorBot, a doorbell with Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you see who is at your door from your smartphone. Even better, the device is designed to work with the keyless lock Lockitron, which can also be controlled via a smartphone. In combination, the two would allow users to usher visitors into their home from wherever they happen to be.

What if the visitor is someone you don't know and you want to ask them about their business without getting up and opening the door? The DoorBot has an intercom-like feature that allows homeowners to chat with the person at the door via his or her smartphone. There are infrared lights for seeing the video feed at night.

According to its Christie Street product page, the DoorBot is made of brushed aluminum, and has a weather resistant housing. There's a light ring to amplify the intercom button, which would allow visitors to talk. The unit can be used with more than one mobile device at a time (a smartphone and a tablet, for example), and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It runs on four AA batteries, and includes a mounting bracket with four screws.

The company is seeking $250,000 in funding, and has currently raised a "mere" $18,688. There are 43 days left, which works out to needing to raise about $5,400 per day to meet their goal. If you want to back the venture and potentially get your hands on the device at some point, you can pre-order the DoorBot for $169. If you want to completely automate the door-answering process, you can also buy the DoorBot with the Lockitron for $319.

[via Christie Street]