Doom's John Romero working on a "unique" new shooter

In the 90's John Romero was a legend. He helped co-create games like Doom and Quake, which helped define the first-person shooter. After the massive failure of Daikatana, he sort of faded into obscurity. He's worked on a few games since then, but nothing as big as his early work. However, his next game might change that.

Now, for the record, I take everything that John Romero says with a grain of salt. After all, his full-page ads for Daikatana clearly stated that the man would make me his bitch. Recently, he stated that the shooter that he is working on not only has an interesting story, but he went on to say "It's unique. It's not like you would ever look at it and compare it to any other shooter that's out there."

Despite Daikatana, and his fading into relative obscurity over the last decade or two, I'm actually pretty excited. It's an artist saying that he's returning to a medium that he's left relatively untouched for 20 years. It's especially interesting because the shooter genre has evolved so much since he helped lay the foundation for it in the early-to-mid 90's.

While it is a surprise to see him back at work on a new shooter, he actually has produced some content in that area recently. Just a couple weeks ago he released a brand new final boss level for the original Doom.

VIA: Develop Online