DOOM's Big Free Update Tomorrow Brings Two Multiplayer Modes

Bethesda Softworks will release a big free update for DOOM (2016) tomorrow, the second of its kind for the title. This particular update adds a pair of new multiplayer game modes, addressing the mostly justified criticism about the game's lackluster multiplayer experience. The new game modes are comprised of capture-the-flag with a single flag and moving bases and a capture-and-hold mode where gamers take control of specific zones.

Bethesda detailed the update in a video today, showcasing gameplay from both modes. They look the same as the other multiplayer games, of course, but with the necessary added elements — a bright blue flag emblem, for example, when you're playing capture the flag. The capture-the-flag mode is called Exodus, while the capture-and-hold mode is called Sector.

Joining those two multiplayer modes are some new goodies for SnapMap fans, says Bethesda. Those goodies include the ability to carry and choose from multiple weapons a la regular campaign gameplay, as well as jump pads that can have set distances and direction, a new type of playable demon called Mancubus, 30 additional hell-themed modules, and improvements to the Community HUB and editor.

Excited? The company also plans to launch the game's first premium DLC next week called "Unto the Evil." The DLC will bring a trio of multiplayer maps and "The Harvester," a new type of playable demon. There will also be new Kinetic Mine equipment, the EMG Mark V pistol weapon, and a new robotic armor set. You'll find new taunts, hack modules, and other unspecified things, as well.