Doomfist is finally coming to Overwatch

After of mountains of speculation, Blizzard has confirmed that Doomfist will be Overwatch's next hero. Fans have been waiting for Doomfist to join the Overwatch cast of characters since the game was released, and it looks like he'll play unlike any other character in the game. Even better is that he's going live on the Overwatch public test realm today, so you don't need to wait if you want to try him out.

Doomfist is a front line damage dealer, though at first glance, he doesn't appear to have a ranged weapon like every other hero in the game. Though most of his abilities will indeed revolve around that massive gauntlet on his right arm, his primary attack is actually a shotgun blast that's stored in the knuckles of his left hand. That ranged attack, as you've probably already guessed, is pretty much the only similarity Doomfist shares with the other offense heroes.

Doomfist's alternate fire is an attack called Rocket Punch, which can be charged up and causes Doomfist to dash forward, knocking back his target. Rocket Punch does extra damage if the enemy is knocked back into a wall, so timing and aim will be critical with this one. Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam are his two abilities – Rising Uppercut is fairly self-explanatory, while Seismic Slam causes him to leap forward and smash the ground, knocking back any enemies caught in the area of effect.

Next we come to Doomfist's ultimate ability, which is called Meteor Strike. With this ability, he leaps into the air and then smashes into his target location, dealing significant area of effect damage. While his abilities certainly makes him stand out, it sounds like his passive, The Best Defense, is what will make him a versatile hero – with that, Doomfist will generate personal shields every time he deals ability damage, giving him more survivability as a front line offense hero.

In the two videos posted above, you can watch a somewhat brief origin animation about Doomfist along with the latest developer update in which Overwatch boss Jeff Kaplan explains who Doomfist is and what he does. Doomfist is going live on the PTR today along with the previously announced changes Blizzard is making to loot boxes. With that in mind, we should see these additions and changes enter the live game in another week or two.