Doom 'Linear' mod packs entire game into single demonic hallway

Do you feel like blasting your way through the original Doom game but don't want to waste time remembering where to go and figuring out where you got lost? A new mod simply called 'Linear' is the solution — it transforms the entire game into a single long hallway. Players simply run down it, blasting the row of demons in front of them as they go.

The mod was created by modder DeXiaZ, who recently shared a video of it on Reddit. Linear Doom is, as the video below shows, the full classic Doom experience condensed down into a single straight hallway. The walls, ground, and sky are constantly changing to represent where the player is in the game, and the expected demons and other elements are still present.

It's a fun twist on the classic Doom experience, giving players a chance to experience gameplay in an entirely new way. Focus on navigating through the map is entirely removed, enabling players to focus solely on blasting their way through hoards of demons. On the other hand, those demons are all immediately in front of the player at all times and there's nowhere to run except toward them.

In response to a Reddit comment about the mod's gameplay, DeXiaZ said he wanted to 'disable' the traditional method of running around in circles to avoid the demons. Ultimately it's a unique concept among the many Doom mods in existence, and anyone can experience it for themselves.

You'll need a copy of the original Doom and software called GZDoom, as well as the Linear mod available from ModDB. Though it's not specific to this particular mod, the video below provides general instructions on using GZDoom to get a mod running: