Doom for Xbox One may come with the original two games

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 22, 2016
Doom for Xbox One may come with the original two games

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Doom title. Doom 3 made its way into the world back in 2004, making it just shy of a teenager now. Thankfully, we’re not too far away from the release of the next title, which is simply named Doom. So how will you fill the void between now and the May release? Well, it seems that you might be able to spend your time playing the original two games.

It’s a little confusing to give a game the exact same title as the original that it’s based off of. But I guess since they’re “rebooting” the series, it makes a little bit of sense. But if you’re wanting to play the 90’s class of the same name, it seems that all you’ll need to do is pre-order the game on the Xbox One.

Earlier today, the Australian Xbox One store listed Doom for pre-order, with a couple of special bonuses. The first is the exclusive Demon Multiplayer Pack, which gives you some carmor, hack modules, paint colors, and some logo patterns. That’s neat and all, but it’s the other thing that really caught my eye.

The listing showed that if you pre-ordered Doom on the Xbox One, you’d get the original Doom, and Doom II for free. All you needed to do is pre-order it, and wait 7-10 days for the code to arrive in your inbox.

Unfortunately, the listing was pulled shortly after it went up. I’m guessing someone jumped the gun with the listing in Australia, which resulted in it being pulled. If you’ve considered pre-ordering the game, then I might hold off. Personally, I’m excited to see the original games heading to the Xbox One. It’s been available on the 360 for some time, so it was really only a matter of time until it made its way to the newer console.

VIA: Reddit

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