DOOM Eternal won't include microtransactions

DOOM Eternal, the latest installment in the DOOM franchise has been delayed for release until later on this year, will not feature microtransactions. The confirmation recently came from the game's creative director Hugo Martin who pointed out that players will be dropping $60 on the game — something that will provide them with a 'complete experience.'

This game was originally planned for release in November 2019, but iD Software decided to delay it until March 2020 so that it had more time to make sure the content is polished and ready to go. Once it finally goes live, it will be available to purchase for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. It'll arrive later on for the Nintendo Switch, as well.

Players have been understandably concerned about whether DOOM Eternal will feature microtransactions — a type of revenue model that shapes a game around small, regular purchases made by players in order to get essential or semi-essential gear to progress. Microtransactions tend to come in many forms.

In the worst cases, games are deliberately stunted in ways that all but force players to make small purchases, otherwise they would be required to grind away for so many hours that the game wouldn't be fun. Others feature non-essential microtransactions that truly aren't necessary, but that benefit the players who pay for them.

DOOM Eternal will not feature any type of microtransactions; the confirmation came from Martin in response to a question published on Facebook. Rather, the game will only offer cosmetics as unlockable gear and they'll be unlocked using XP that the player earns from playing. Martin points out that players won't have to unlock the cosmetics — they're merely there for players who enjoy them.