DOOM Eternal is the sequel you didn't see coming

Bethesda's reboot of one of the most sacred icons of the gaming world was, fortunately for the company, met with success. Updating Doom's gore and action to modern standards had a few hiccups but mostly passed the usually scathing critiques of gamers. Of course, it was never enough. But while the DOOM reboot was much talked about prior to its release, its sequel was not something many expected, especially in an age of DLCs. And yet at E3 2018, that's exactly what Bethesda announced: DOOM Eternal.

Perhaps it's poking fun at Duke Nukem Forever, but, hopefully, it's not going to take that long. In fact, Bethesda plans to debut the game in just two months right a Quakecon. A bit ironic, we know.

So what can players expect in DOOM Eternal? Just more of everything. More demons, more powerful demons, more badass powerful demons. And, of course, hell on earth. Oh, and more of the Doom Slayer. More powerful than ever before. And alive, naturally. Other than, we'll have to wait for Quakecon in August to find out more.

As one of the most iconic games in history, Doom, now DOOM, has stood the test of time. The original game became an amusing litmus test of how much power a computing device has if it can run it. While the reboot titles are probably never going to achieve that much renown, they're definitely expanding the game's universe to make it more relevant to future generations.