DOOM Arcade Mode has arrived: three things to know

The Arcade Mode Bethesda promised for DOOM has arrived, and you can download it now if you haven't already. There's a lot to like about this DLC, and it helps flesh what was otherwise a good but not perfect rendition of the classic title. For those unaware, this is Free Update 4 — it also brings a pair of new multiplayer modes, "Possession" and "Bloodrush." The previous update (#3) brought private matches and deathmatches.

Everything is unlocked

The most notable part of this update is Arcade Mode, of course. With it, gamers play the game's campaign, but from the perspective of a score-based and fast-paced competition. You get access to all the guns, equipment, and Runes, all of it being unlocked in this mode. This sets you free to customize your suit and weapons arsenal extensively, and perhaps even lets you play with new toys for the first time, assuming you haven't finished the regular campaign.

You get Classic DOOM Modules, too

This update is also bringing classic DOOM modules to SnapMap, meaning you can enjoy the classic elements from days gone by on your more substantial and enjoyable modern hardware. There are some classic maps already available if you just want to hop in and play, but you can also create your maps using these modules, making for a nearly endless array of possibilities. Included among it all are classic interactive items, sounds, deaths, music, and props.

Two new multiplayer modes are available

Free Update 4 also brings with it those two aforementioned multiplayer modes "Possession" and "Bloodrush." With Possession, gamers are presented with a Marine vs Prowler arrangement that has Marines respawn of Prowlers after dying, making things especially hard for the marine who lasts the longest. Bloodrush, meanwhile, is a free for all mode that puts heavy focus on the Bloodrush meter...and hinges your ability to respawn on it. You have to keep it high, otherwise you'll eventually die for good. Last player standing wins.

SOURCE: Bethesda