DOOM: all six multiplayer modes detailed

The new DOOM is arriving on May 13, and it'll be bringing multiplayer modes with it. Bethesda has detailed all six planned multiplayer mode, and has dropped a trailer that shows a snippet of gameplay. The six multiplayer modes include: Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, Warpath, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Clan Area, a mixture of new and classic battles for maximum fun. Check out the video after the jump!

First among the planned multiplayer modes is "Soul Harvest," a mode where you go a step beyond killing your enemies, instead harvesting their souls from their fallen corpses. There's only so much time to grab a soul, so players have to move quickly, less it disappear or a different player gets to it first. As well, there's a demon rune power up that appears after the first person is killed, resulting in two souls for every kill.

Joining Soul Harvest is Freeze Tag, an obvious name for an obvious game: you're freezing your opponents in a block of ice for a little while, and they're a lot easier to kill once they're stuck. The demon rune will make an appearance in this game, as well, and gamers will be able to un-freeze frozen players.

Next is Warpath, a sort of crazy rendition of King of the Hill where the capture point moves around in the map and a demon rune follows along on the opposite side of the arena, leaving you constantly torn between which way you're going to go. Similar is Domination, which has three capture points (that don't move around) which players control after blasting away their enemies. The longer you stay in place, the more points you get.

Finally, there's Team Deathmatch and Clan Arena. The first is a classic, having two teams battle it out in an unrestrained bloodbath. The first to reach the max score or get the most points wins. Clan Arena, meanwhile, is an elimination mode where everyone takes on each other and the last person (well, team) standing wins.

SOURCE: Bethesda