Don't you dare watch this PREDATOR trailer

There's something to be said for secrecy, and the people behind THE PREDATOR don't seem to get it. Or at least it would appear that they've got a whole lot of faith in the idea that people only watch trailers if they don't mind being spoiled. Everyone who loves the basic premise of the Predator series should understand at this point: You're going to see the movie – don't ruin all the surprises for yourself beforehand. Let's talk about what's come before this movie, first.

The following article does not have spoilers in it. Not for the newest Predator movie, anyway. The Predator is the newest in a line of Predator-based films in which an alien species is revealed to the human race as a trophy-hunting singular warrior mission tribe. Each film we've seen at least one of this alien species take flight against humans, and – for the most part – they've annihilated humans with little effort.

The first film, Predator, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers and produced two survivors, one thanks to a chopper, the other thanks to mud. That attack took place in the jungle, in the deep bush, where only a few humans were around to suffer. That film included an actor by the name of Shane Black – he played the one guy with glasses in the film. He's back in this newest film as the director and co-writer.

Next, Predator 2 featured the ultimate street warrior cop Danny Glover and a return of the Predator species, this time to downtown Chicago. While the first film drew the Predator to a place of conflict where big guns and hunters of humans fought, Predator 2 brought the beast to a drug war. Many heads were chopped, and spines were ripped.

The Predator takes place after Predator 2 and before the film Predators. Predators took place on another planet and didn't necessarily have a lot of story points that could have had much effect on our Earth – so it's not TOO important to this story – but still. This film The Predator is officially set between Predator 2 and Predators.

Also this storyline is part of a film universe that has the ALIEN species in it, but it is NOT the same universe as we saw in Alien VS Predator or Alien VS Predator II. Those are... in... some other dimension. A dimension I wouldn't mind going back to, just for a kick or two, but only with the understanding that it's separate from this primary, first dimension, the Weathers/Glover dimension.

The Predator is going to be bonkers full of Predator action in a suburban neighborhood, not unlike Alien VS Predator II – but presumably with fewer chestbursters and more primal screaming.

If you STILL want to ruin The Predator for yourself, go ahead and look at the trailer below. This film will be released in September of this year, the year of our bug hunt, 2018. And may whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul.