Don't Move tags stick to anything and alert if disturbed

Living in shared accommodations can be a hassle, as can working in an office or any other number of situations where people are prone to getting in your stuff. There are tricks to determine if something has been tampered with: tape over a drawer seam, a penny precariously balanced on an edge. They're archaic and not terribly accurate, among other things, and now fully obsolete thanks to the roster of connected devices that abound. The "Don't Move" Bluetooth tags, a new product being funded on Indiegogo, may stand chief among them all.

The Don't Move tags are exactly what they sound like — sticky tags that say "Don't Move", able to be applied to just about any object or surface you'd like. They're each equipped with Bluetooth and a sensor that records whether an object has been moved, shuttling the information off to a paired smartphone. There's no WiFi here; if you're out of range, you won't get your notification until you're nearby again.

That's okay, though, because the Don't Move tags seem to be more about awareness and less about prevention. When you get home after work and a notice pops up on your phone saying a tagged doorknob had been turned earlier, for example, you'll know someone was in the room. Just about anything can be tagged, whether it is your favorite pair of shoes or that delicious lunch you have packed away for later.

Funding is being sought through Indiegogo, where about $4,000 out of $80,000 has been raised. If all goes well, the Don't Move tags will eventually retail for $39 a piece, but those who back the project can get them for a discounted $24 USD each.

SOURCE: Gizmag