Don't Just Stand There, Do Something: Yoga Traffic Light

At any given moment in a busy metropolitan area, there are lots of pedestrians waiting to cross the street. And of course, most of us could use more exercise. Designer Li Ming has decided to kill two birds with one stone with a new traffic light. The light features an animated figure doing some stretches and exercises.

Li Ming feels that the time waiting at busy intersections is wasted, and that if people are moving, or at the very least, entertained, while they are waiting, then they will be happier. Also, when it is time to cross the street, the animated figure looks both ways, encouraging people to look around before entering the intersection and avoid being smacked by a rouge red light runner. Our friendly animated companion walks "with" you across the street. The light also features a circle that gets fractionally smaller as time elapses to let you know how long you have to cross the street.

More details:

You can see the video here:

[via Yanko Design]