Don't expect Apple to debut 5G iPhone in 2019

One of the next big advancements in mobile won't come from a specific device, but instead have an effect on many devices over the next few years. It's the arrival of 5G networks and the promise of faster download speeds offered by networks with more bandwidth than what we have now. It's a safe bet we'll start seeing several smartphones supporting 5G in 2019, but according to new report, Apple won't be among the first.

This shouldn't come as a big surprise for Apple users, as the company often takes its time implementing new technology and features into its devices, leaving others to be the first out of the gate. According to sources speaking to Fast Company, it'll be the same case with 5G support for the iPhone as well. This source "with knowledge of Apple's plans" says that the first 5G iPhone is planned for release in 2020.

We know Apple has been toying with 5G technology for some time, as they were granted FCC approval over a year ago. The report notes that the 5G iPhone will use Intel's 8161 5G modem, although for the time being they are using a 8060 predecessor chip for testing and prototypes. The latter seems to have too many issues with heat dissipation and battery drain to be used in a device for consumers.

While Apple may be unhappy with Intel's chip for these performance issues, the company's ongoing problems with using Qualcomm as a supplier mean they're believed to be in talks with MediaTek as a backup chip provider in the event Intel can't deliver.