Don’t blame the games – Virginia Tech shooter only played Sonic the Hedgehog

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 3, 2007, 9:40 am CDT

The Virginia Tech shootings were a tragedy that struck the hearts of all Americans. Sadly, it hit the gaming community especially hard because people like Dr. Phil and Jack Thompson immediately jumped to the conclusion that video games were obviously one of the main factors that lead to the rampage. Well the final report filed by the review panel commissioned by the Virginia Governor has been released, and I’d just like to say screw you to everyone that said this kid did these things because of video games.

Yea, that was a bit blunt, but I’m seriously sick of people pointing their finger at violent video games as the source of the problems with today’s youth. Wake up people, these games are only going to influence already troubled kids, not those of a sound mind. Most of the people I knew back in high school that had serious issues had one thing in common, a really crappy home life with really bad parents. Sure, some of them played violent video games, but there were plenty that didn’t. Maybe you should check into the home lives of these kids before you start pointing fingers. The problem might not lie there, but at least you’d have looked before making an accusation.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. This kid did play video games. When he was young he played Sonic the Hedgehog. I don’t remember any guns or bloody rampages in that game, but then again is has been a while since I played it. According to his roommate, he never played any games while he was in college. He mostly just watched movies and listened to music. Maybe the lyrics in the heavy metal music he listened to made him do those horrible things. I’m sure those of you in your 40’s and up remember when your parents blamed all of the problems of youth in your day on rock and metal music. But you’re much smarter than your parents were back then.

Report: Virginia Tech Massacre Unrelated to Games [via gamedaily]

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