Donkey Kong Country 2 headlines Switch Online's new SNES and NES games

Nintendo has announced a new smattering of SNES and NES games that will soon be heading to Switch Online. Chief among these fresh arrivals is Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. Back in July, we saw the original Donkey Kong Country added to the lineup of SNES games available to Switch Online users, so it seems that Nintendo's goal is to slowly add the entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy to the service.Donkey Kong Country 2 isn't the only game being added to the SNES lineup. It'll be joined by Mario's Super Picross, which is actually big news for Switch owners living in the US because up until now, this game has been an exclusive to Japan. Nintendo has even published a tutorial on how to play Mario's Super Picross, which you can see in the video embedded below.

Next up, we've got The Peace Keepers, a beat-em-up game that features branching paths and multiple endings. The Switch Online collection of NES games will also be getting one addition along with these three SNES games with SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack Team.

All four of these games will be releasing together on September 23rd, which is one week from today. As most Switch owners are likely already aware, you'll need an active Switch Online subscription to access these NES and SNES games, with Nintendo offering it as something of a carrot on a stick to those who may not otherwise feel the need to shell out for Nintendo's online service.

Nintendo has been slowly building out the libraries of NES and SNES games available to Switch Online customers, and though we used to see the company make new additions on a monthly basis, it has slowed down significantly over the past year or so, only adding games every two or three months. At this point, it seems safe to assume that the next batch of SNES and NES games Nintendo adds to Switch Online will include Donkey Kong Country 3, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more information.