Domino's brings pizza ordering Facebook Messenger bot to US

Forget placing an order through Domino's website — the company has made it possible to order a pizza directly within Facebook Messenger via a bot, giving customers in the United States the same feature that has been available in the United Kingdom and Ireland for a short while. In its current form — which will no doubt be refined in due time — users who have an online account and existing orders can use the Messenger bot to reorder their last meal or place an "easy order," as well as track their meal's status.

The bot is easy to use — click here to summon it, at which point you choose whether you want to place an easy order or a recent order. The bot will prompt you to log into your Domino's account. If you don't have an Easy Order set up in the account, you'll need to log in with a web browser and set one up — an easy order is your favorite particular order that you've configured in your account.

As shown in the screenshot above, the bot is somewhat conversational; you can place an easy order by sending it a pizza emoji, or just by typing "easy order." After you've placed an order, you can use the "Track My Order" link to see your meal's status, something similar to the order tracking provided on the Domino's website.

In its present form, the bot isn't terribly sophisticated in that you're really limited to only two options: your saved favorited order or a repeat of your most recent order. That's not a big deal if you usually order the same thing, but it would be nice to tell the bot what you want in casual language and have it arrange it for you; something like, "one medium pizza with mushrooms and jalapenos, a small bottle of Coke and a side of breadsticks." Alas, that reality isn't quite here yet.

SOURCE: Domino's