Dollar General taps DoorDash to offer same-day deliveries

Dollar General, the retailer that has convenience stores across the US, has tapped on-demand delivery platform DoorDash to offer rapid deliveries from its stores. Under this partnership, Dollar General says its customers will be able to use DoorDash to get same-day deliveries on many of the products offered in its shops.

In the majority of cases, Dollar General says, same-day delivery means DoorDash users will get their order within an hour of placing it, though it may take longer. As with other orders placed through the platform, customers can use the DoorDash app or website to browse the items available at their local retail stores.

Right now, the new DoorDash same-day delivery option is available at around 9,000 Dollar General stores around the US; the company says it will expand the availability to its around 10,000 locations by December, however, covering a greater number of consumers.

If this all sounds familiar, you may have already had access to this service — the two companies launched a much smaller pilot of this delivery option this past summer, though it was limited to around 600 stores spread around the US. This widespread expansion is joined by a temporary promotion offering 30-percent off DoorDash users' first Dollar General order, assuming the order's subtotal reaches at least $20. The code "DOLLAR" will be available until November 24.

The same-day delivery option covers a variety of products sold at Dollar General stores, and though they're not as big as places like Walmart and Target, they may be more convenient for many people, particularly those who live in rural areas and anyone who lacks reliable transportation.