Dolfi "washing device" uses ultrasonic tech to clean clothes

Washing clothes is a simple matter when at home, but becomes more difficult or unnecessarily expensive when traveling. You might have resorted to washing a shirt or two in the sink in a moment of desperation, and with the Dolfi you'll largely repeat that process, only with one big difference: the inclusion of ultrasonic tech, which is delivered by a handheld device about the size and shape of a bar of soap. Clothes are promised to be clean after about half an hour, no agitation or scrubbing necessary.

The Dolfi is being bid as a next generation washing device, and with it users are able to clean their clothes in the sink or just about any area that can hold water and clothing. Detergent is mixed in with the water and dirty clothes, then the Dolfi is plugged in and placed in the water.

Once turned on, Dolfi will glow blue and use ultrasound to create microscopic jets of water, essentially, which clean dirt and stains out of the fabric. The idea itself isn't new, with similar methods being used to clean things like jewelry, but it hasn't commonly been available for clothes washing purposes.

Dolfi is promised to be more gentle on clothing than running them through a traditional washing machine, and though you're left to ring the fabric out yourself before putting it up to dry, the entire process seems exceedingly simple and silent.

Unfortunately, you'll not be able to get your hands on the unit yet — the maker is set to launch the product on Indiegogo, where backers can get a unit later on with an $89 pledge.